Welcome to Frosted by Navah!

I am Navah Frost, a self taught baker specializing in floral and botanical cakes and cupcakes. My love for food and baked goods followed me in my original career as a concert pianist, taking me all over the world. In between rehearsals and performances I found myself seeking out the best bakery in the area and sampling local specialties, whether they be familiar to me or entirely unknown. In my down time at home I have always enjoyed baking and reading cookbooks for fun. Before I owned a smart phone or had access to google, I always had a large stack of cookbooks on my bedside table, which still makes for great be time reading. Although until recently I had only baked as a hobby, my interest in the artistic design of cake and cupcakes grew from mild interest into a passion, and now it gives me great joy to be able to share that enthusiasm with you.